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Watch our Brickman Stain Kit demo now.. 


(See 25 years of brick staining experience distilled into the most amazing 5 minute demo video ever!) 

Masonry Contractors

Sometimes you just can’t find materials that will precisely match the color of existing brick, stone or mortar. Mismatched colors can ruin the appearance of your work.  With the Brickman’s Stain Kit you can get a better match, improved appearance and avoid the dreaded “punch list” every time.

Business Starters

An Affordable Investment: Starting at $369.  An Unmet Need: All the ugly and mismatched masonry repairs and additions in your hometown (and no one to fix them). A Sure-Fire Solution:  Your hard work guided by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business. Make happy customers and a well-earned profit. 

General Contractors

If your sub-contractors can’t color-correct masonry, do-it-yourself, satisfy your customers, and take the additional profit to the bank.  Tap into a new source of jobs and income by fixing mismatched masonry or completely changing it, for example, by giving fireplaces a fabulous new look.

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