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How It Works : The Scientific Principles Behind our Proprietary Process

A Note from Our President

Our Ceramic Cosmetic Color Enhancement System is not a latex or paint type product like some other stain companies use. Our unique and proprietary process consists of 80-100 mesh ("talcum powder" consistency) custom mineral oxide pigments measured and combined in a slurry of a proprietary bonding chemical and water.


The water acts as a carrying agent.  During application, as it covers the dry masonry surface, the absorption capability of the masonry "pulls" the coloring slurry into the pore structure. As a result, the water and the correct mixture of bonding chemical and finely ground pigments are all carried into the surface.


As the water evaporates away, the bonding chemical changes from a liquid to a solid form "locking" itself into the face of the masonry. It becomes part of the face of the masonry. You can chip it with a hammer, damage it with a power washer, or burn it with acid but you can do that to masonry that has not been color corrected/enhanced. So as long as this system is treated with respect, it has no fail point!


As the bonding chemical solidifies, the pigments are also "locked" in. The result successfully transforms the appearance of the masonry to another shade of color without sealing the surface, leaving it looking natural since the mineral oxide pigments are either very similar to the structure of the masonry or the masonry actually has a factory applied mineral oxide content already (such as in the case of face brick.)


Also, the masonry surface is not "sealed" by this application and can still absorb water and allow water to dissipate via evaporation.  Consequently, it will not trap moisture which could cause damage during freeze/thaw cycling. This process has been tested in independent, nationally recognized laboratories to exceed 40 years of weathering showing no fail point. This is independent verification of durability.


To apply our unique and proprietary process, we need masonry that is "clean" (properly washed down and PH neutral), "dry" (fully cured from the laying/wash-down, no rain or lawn sprinklers for 3-5 days prior to beginning the project, and no rain in the forecast for the days of application) and "warm" (a minimum wall temperature of 40 degrees F to prevent freezing from occurring as complete drying is critical for the chemical bonding to take place).

The extreme durability of our product is dependent upon proper conditions and professional application, and of course, it cannot be more durable than the product it is enhancing.



Rick Conner,
President of Masonry Cosmetics Inc.

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