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​Support Services to Help You Make a Success of Your Business


Support Services to Help You Make a Success of Your Business 


What Kind of Help Might You Want or Need?


Paper Instructions to Carry Everywhere


Timely Individualized Guidance about your project:


One-Project Access to Our 3-Way “Every-Step-of-the-Way” Customer Support Service: 


  • Q & A Service:  Send us an e-mail with questions – We will respond within one or two business days;

  • Photo/Recipe Service: Email digital photos of the masonry color you want, and the color you presently have.  (Email address is below.) We send you a suggested starter recipe (a formula for mixing pigments) likely to change your masonry to look more like what you want. After you test the recipe, you can send us additional pictures so we can help you modify the recipe for an even closer match.

  • Brick/Recipe Service:  Send us samples of the masonry color you want and your present masonry, and we will develop a starter recipe for you.  The recipe developed from samples is likely to give you an even closer initial match than a recipe developed from pictures alone.  Again, if the color is not right, you can send us pictures so we can help you fine-tune for an even better match.


Masonry Cosmetics Inc

3210 Sugar Maple Business Ct.

South Bend IN 46628


How Can We Offer So Much For So Little?

  • Simple.  We know that our system is the best.  Once you learn to use it, you will continue to use it to satisfy your customers for years to come.  And you will become a steady customer for our top quality pigments.   Our “partnership” will be great for you and great for us.

The best system:


  • Becomes part of the masonry and looks natural after applied

  • Does not trap water or leave an undesirable sheen

  • Mixes with the natural variations of the masonry to produce subtle variations of shade rather than a single flat color

  • Allows for the mixing to match virtually any color

  • Allows for success in the most complex coloring jobs, including those in which various parts of the masonry require a pattern of different colors

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