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Opportunity to Earn Profit
  • Many Potential Customers Who Need Your Help

    • Color Correcting Old Jobs

      • Repairs made with mismatched brick, stone or mortar

      • Additions that don’t match the existing structure

    • Making new masonry jobs possible

      • Repairing without tearing down old masonry

      • Building well matched additions

      • Fireplaces

        • Change outdated color

        • Match new interior décor

  • Making customers very happy

    • By Saving them big $

      • Compare the cost of tearing down a mismatched wall & rebuilding to the cost of staining: No Comparison!

        • You can be profitable charging $5.00 to $8.00 per square foot for staining brick;

        • Tearing down and rebuilding will cost at least $20 per square foot

    • By solving problems FAST

      • Compare the time it takes to stain a wall (usually a few hours) with the time to build or rebuild one:  No Comparison

  • The Best System to Meet Their Needs – (and you can prove it!)

    • Lab-tested to last indefinitely  [See the proof] [See more proof]

    • Longest-lasting in the field    

    • Won’t interfere with the pore structure – never traps water  [See the proof]

    • Natural looking  - Proof? Every one of the thousands of jobs we’ve ever done!

      • Mixes with the natural variations of the masonry to produce subtle variations of shade rather than a single flat color

      • Retains natural texture & never gives un-natural “shiny” appearance

    • Best Color:

      • Can be fine-tuned for best possible matching

      • Works for the most complex multi-color jobs


The Help You Want – All You Might Need
How Can We Offer So Much for so Little?
  • Simple.  We know that our system is the best.  Once you begin to use it successfully, you will become a steady customer for our top quality pigments.  Our “partnership” will be great for you and great for us. Still have questions? Use the form below or call us 888-698-8705.

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Who Can Use the Brickman's Stain Kit?

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Masonry Professionals

General Contractors

Mason Contractors

Restoration Companies


Home Owners

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